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WIRED Magazine; Into The Wild Without Worry – Adventure Gear for your DSLR

Underwater and water-sport photography needn’t be so daunting. Outex makes a range of fully waterproof molded latex covers for DSLRs ($250-400, depending on the model) with glass lens ports to maintain the best possible image quality while photographing in sopping wet environments.

I used an Outex setup for a canyoning adventure where I followed a creek down a narrow canyon. To give you an idea of how wet this trip was, I was wearing a lifejacket, a helmet, and a full-length, hooded 5mm wetsuit. The day included sliding down slick rocks rappelling down waterfalls and, where the pools were deep enough, jumping off 35-foot high waterfalls. I was taking pictures the whole time and holding my camera to my chest as I made the big jumps.

The only ports on the case are for the lens and the view finder. If you have all your buttons memorized, the malleability of the latex allows you to change settings and adjust focus and zoom as needed, but it’s not easy. Since you can’t see the LCD screen, video is nearly impossible, though Outex says it’s working on a way to solve this. I’m eager to see the next version.

The latex is thick and rugged and would require a substantial effort to damage it in any way. Installing the cover is not easy the first time you try it, but after a few times, a technique is developed. Also, I felt my tolerance grow as I went through the images I wouldn’t have gotten without this level of protection for my camera.

WIRED Relatively inexpensive waterproof protection. Packs and travels easily. It floats. Glass ports for the lens and viewfinder.

TIRED Tedious installation process. No real impact protection. Can’t see screen (easily) for DSLR video recording. Boo hoo, it only comes in blue.

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