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Waterproof Camera Covers

dSLR Camera Waterproofing Products for Water, Wind, Sand, Snow, Mud, Rain and Paint.

Outex camera covers have four basic components: Covers, Optical Lens, Viewfinders and Accessories. Depending on your camera gear, you will need to buy one of each in order to waterproof your camera. Since our system is modular, you can add additional parts to fit additional gear you have. If you need more help, check out our Outex Overview or Basic Installation videos on our Installation page or go to our FAQ’s page.

Waterproof Cover

Our underwater camera covers are made of a flexible, tactile-rich material. They work in conjunction with our Optical and Viewfinder lenses to hermetically seal your equipment from the elements even under water (waterproofing your DSLR or consumer camera completely). Outex waterproof camera housings maintain a tactile feel and access to all of the camera’s controls, buttons, and knobs. We’ve custom built different covers to mold-fit your specific camera make & model, and still permit use of various different camera lenses. In other words, the same Cover will work for most/all of your lenses so you don’t need different covers for each one. Our Covers support non-flash, flash, tripods, and other connections. If you have more questions about what underwater camera covers you will need, check our FAQ’s page. You can also view our list of camera manufactures we support, here.

Optical Lenses

Outex optical lenses are made of the highest grade materials for professional results and no image loss. Just match your lens’ filter thread diameter size to the Outex optical lens. The patented design accommodates most makes and model lenses.  Outex optical diameters range from 27 mm to 200 mm diameter sizes. Domed lenses are also available in different sizes and configurations to accommodate domed fisheye wide-angle lenses. Outex lenses also work with step-up rings. For all our lens and domes, we use glass, not plastic or acrylic substitutes. This gives you better quality images with a material that is more resistant to scratching. Don’t forget, you can use multiple lenses with the same modular Outex cover. If you have more questions about what Optical Lens you will need, check our FAQ’s page.

View Finders

Similar to the optical lenses, the viewfinder lenses are custom made to fit most camera makes & models. In conjunction with the rest of the Outex underwater camera cover system, it grants you access and control to your viewfiner, LCD screen, knobs, dials, and buttons as needed. Our viewfinders can be viewfinder-only, LCD-screen-only, or both. Our automated online shop preselects options for you as you build your kit, but you can also manually select items if you prefer. If you have more questions about what View Finders you will need, check our FAQ’s page.

Camera Cover Accessories

Outex accessories work independent of your Outex system or kit and serve multiple purposes. For example, the Strap holder is both anchoring point for the cover and carrying solutions such as neck, wrist, or tripod straps. This modularity is an advantage in itself, so you can use them interchangeably. If you have more questions about what Accessories you will need, check our FAQ’s page.

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Camera Covers

Covers are made of a patented malleable material that is weather and water proof, but maintains tactile feel and control over all you functions, buttons, and knobs. The cover by itself already offers water-resistance. And in conjunction with other Outex products in a kit becomes completely waterproof. Covers come in different sizes and variations to accommodate different needs, and this kit is already presenting you with the Outex products that best fits the product you selected. Outex is modular, and different covers work interchangeably with the rest of the products.

  • All Covers are LCD viewfinder ready. Waterproof seal requires LCD viewfinder + Optical lens.
  • F Covers are LCD + Flash ready. For waterproof seal add Flash Kit.
  • FT1 Covers are LCD + Flash + Tripod or Cable ready, with opening on the bottom. For waterproof seal add Flash Kit and tripod adaptor or cable adaptor.
  • T1 Covers are LCD + Tripod or Cable ready. For waterproof seal add cable or tripod adaptor.
  • T2 Covers are LCD + Tripod and Cable ready, with one opening on the bottom, and one on the side. For waterproof seal add cable and tripod adaptor.
  • T3 Covers are LCD + Tripod and Cable ready, with one opening on the bottom, and two on the side. For waterproof seal add cable and tripod adaptor.
  • G Covers are LCD + Pistol Grip ready. For waterproof seal requires LCD + Optical lens.

Viewfinders and Adaptors

LCD viewfinders work with adaptors that match & attach to your camera’s eyecup dimensions. This kit is already configured to match the product you selected. Outex is modular, and you can add additional adaptors to use the same cover and/or LCD viewfinder with different cameras. Outex also offers “mirrorless” solutions (LCD Viewfinder MR) for mirroless cameras.

Optical Lenses and Adaptors

Outex Optical Lenses match you lens filter thread diameter size, and you can use multiple lenses with the same/shared cover. Outex uses high-purity glass (superior fidelity to acrylic or plastic), and offers professional grade results.

Tripod Solutions

Outex tripod solutions include tripod-capable Covers (“T” Covers) and Tripod Adaptors. The Tripod Adaptor simply extends the functionality of the camera’s existing tripod mount outside of the cover. That way all the solutions users would otherwise already use are simply compatible with or without the Outex products. The tripod openings on the T covers are the same dimensions as the cable adaptor openings, so those adaptors are interchangeable. The Tripod Adaptors are made of stainless steel for maximum durability and stability.

Waterproof Flash Cover

Outex offers a range of flash and lighting options. “F” Covers have an attached flash extension to accommodate hot-shoe mounted flash. F covers come in different sizes, and they are ideal for simple, lit, any condition flash photography, even underwater. While Outex covers are conducive to wireless signals and triggers, water is not. Therefore, such triggers work fine with Outex above water, but will not work underwater. For detached lighting/flash solutions, we also offer Flash Covers (Flash Cover, Flash Cover T1, and Flash Cover T2). Each T denotes the number of openings. The Flash Cover housings are designed for tethered/wired connections, and work in conjunction with Cable Adaptors (see below). All of our flash solutions/covers require the Flash Kit. The Flash Kit consists of a Flash Lens and a Flash Glove. The Flash Glove holds the Flash Lens in place in front of the flash strobe, and the flash lens provides the waterproof seal in combination with the Outex Covers. Oh, yeah, we also offer a 130LFT1. That’s an attached flash cover with a tripod or cable opening.

Waterproof Cable Adaptors and Tethering

The cable adaptor is not for the trivial user. It’s a more complex power, lighting, or data solution for tethered/wired connectivity to & from the camera – even underwater. Outex’s patented, specially designed Cable Adaptors combine a hard external shell that allows the cables thru it, and use Outex plugs (with or without slits) for a flexible tethering solution in the harshest environments. The opening of the Cable Adaptor is less than 3cm/1.5inch, so use mini-jacks such as mini-USB, mini-RCA, etc. The flat end of the plug aligns with the appropriately flat inside of the corresponding cable adaptor, and as the user threads them together, the plug is squeezed around the cable to provide the seal. Follow the installation steps outlined on our website to ensure proper installation, and test it before use. The Cable Adaptor can be used without a cable, using the Plug with or without a slit. Outex does not provide the cable. The same Outex cover openings used for Cable Adaptors can also be plugged with a Tripod Adaptor.

Even More

We offer a growing number of imaging options such as flash kits, tripod adaptors, battery and pistol grips, cable connections, tethering, etc., Our accessories are also modular and help you augment your repertoire with greater efficiency and capability. Examples include neck and wrist straps, plugs, step up rings, cases, etc.

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Outex is a water, wind, sand, snow, mud, rain, paint and underwater camera housing designed to seal SLR equipment from the elements that harm your camera. Our patented seal design and modular product line allows malleability, flexibility, light weight and easy installation.

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