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Michael Steingard

Michael Steingard

Michael Steingard is a Canadian based Wedding Photographer who specializes in destination weddings. As a 3rd generation wedding photographer, Michael and his beautiful wife Kailyn live in Stratford, ON and work together shooting weddings and running their photography business. He has an affinity for bold, epic and beautiful compositions that push the boundaries of what wedding photography can be. Michael has had the privilege of photographing weddings in places like Belize, Mexico, Panama, Brazil, Grand Cayman, and Jamaica, as well as photographing a high volume of Canadian weddings from BC to Nova Scotia. He loves to incorporate the beauty of nature into his work as well as introduce off-camera flash techniques to create a larger-than-life feeling to his already artistic shots. When Michael is not traveling to take pictures of people, he can be found traveling with his wife taking photos of mountains and exploring the world around them.

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