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Lucia Griggi

Lucia Griggi

My father is from Venice, Italy and my mother is from London, England so maybe I’m pulled by whatever inspired Marco Polo overland to China or the same psychic winds that took Captain Cook halfway around the world to Hawaii and Alaska. Marco Polo went east, Captain Cook went west and I want to go both ways at the same time. Some say wanderlust is in your blood, some say it gets in your blood. With me it’s both.

See a little, if you want to see a lot. See a lot, and you want to see a lot more. And if by chance you see it all, you can start all over again, because change is a constant. Becoming a photographer has given me a chance to realize what I genuinely believe is my destiny: to travel the world and understand it. I began as a surf photographer, obsessed with the search for the perfect wave. But that search has lead me on paths away from the beach, to worlds I didn’t know existed. Getting to know the unknown is now my passion.

This site is for those eager to look beyond everyday life – a showcase of my journey so far: North to Alaska; as far south as South Africa; west to California and as far east as Sri Lanka. Hawaii, the Maldives, Vietnam, Morocco, Australia: North, south, east and west. I’ve seen a lot but I haven’t seen it all and I share these photos, hoping they will inspire in others what I have found in myself: The desire to travel, have adventures and learn and experience different cultures. All I want to do is see the world and capture it in a way that will encourage others to follow their passions and make their dreams become a reality.

Images from Lucia Griggi

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