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Christian Sasse

Christian Sasse

Professional photographer Christian Sasse of is truly universal when it comes to photography. His experience is varied and his expertise vast; he photographs things both on our planet and outside of it, capturing objects in numerous different sizes, from millimeter scale, like bees flying in high resolution, to entire galaxies. Christian has a PhD in optics , and has a great interest in astronomy , this in Christian-2addition to a passion for photography has fueled him to develop into an avid astronomical photographer. He owns several telescopes and holds a world record, having once imaged the most distant object from earth ever captured with an amateur telescope.

Christian is also an accomplished nature photographer. His work was recently featured on the cover of Canadian Outdoor Photography and his photography was also the focus the magazine’s feature article for the same issue. In particular, Christian is an avid eagle photographer, a passion that was ignited in 2011, four years after having moved to British Colombia. Christian then noticed the eagles in his neighborhood and found himself incredibly intrigued by their size, eloquence, and beauty. This inspired him to purchase a camera suited for bird photography, a Nikon D80, and take up photographing the eagles.

In the last two years Christian has worked to hone his eagle photography skills and image processing techniques. He has upgraded from his original Nikon D80 and now primarily photographs using a Nikon D4, mainly with a 800mm f/5.6 tele-photo lens and a 1.2x tele-converter. He prefers to shoot quickly, striving to keep his shutter speed at about 1/1600s, in order to capture stunning wing maneuvers that are normally impossible for the human eye to discern in full detail. Christian’s academic background, particularly his knowledge of optics and the physical properties of light, has also helped to shape his photography of eagles. He is particularly interested in capturing how different lighting conditions affect the colors of the bird’s feathers, paying special attention to the way that they diffract and transmit light.

In 2012 the Hancock Wildlife Foundation and Christian published a unique and stunning collection of photographs that follow the story of a bald eagle family. The book , White Rock Eagles A Bald Eagle Family, chronicles the first fifteen weeks in the growth and development of a pair of eaglets from hatching to fledgling and their final departure and independence. Christians photographs beautifully capture memorable moments of the eaglets lifecycle. All proceeds from the book are donated to the Hancock Wildlife Foundation in a continuing effort to raise funds. Christian is a very valuable supporter of the Hancock Wildlife Foundation and continues to volunteer his time with Hancock Wildlife Foundation projects.

Most recently, Christian won the 2013 Fraser River Valley Bald Eagle Festival Photo Competition. His winning photo appeared on a variety of festival merchandise pieces.

Christian was born in London, England and has lived in a diverse array of places all over the world, including South Korea, Germany, Israel, South Africa, Iran, Sri Lanka, and Sweden. He his fascinated by diverse cultures and loves adventure. Christian’s interests and hobbies include astronomy, chess and a large variety of music.

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