Outex was designed to seal SLR equipment from the elements - even under water. The patented seal design allows malleability, flexibility, light weight and quick & easy installation.  Kits are sets of products that our automated shop puts together for you based on the equipment you are protecting. The Kits offer you a complete solution for most SLR camera & lens brands, including covers, optical lens, viewfinder, and the base accessories to get your started.

COVERS  (Cover Dimensions)

Covers are made of a flexible, tactile-rich material.  They can work independently if you just want water-resistance, and they can work in conjunction with our Optical and Viewfinder lenses to hermetically seal your equipment from the elements even under water (waterproofing your camera completely).  Outex housings maintain tactile feel and access to all of the camera's controls, buttons, and knobs.  We've custom built different covers to mold-fit your specific camera make & model, and still permit use of various different lenses.  In other words, the same Cover will work for most/all of your lenses so you don't need different covers for each one.  We've now started supporting both viewfinder and LCD based covers in our shop.  And can also support Flash, Tripods, and other connections.  For example, Cover 110 vs. 110L vs 110LT vs 110F vs. 110LF, etc. L=LCD capable, F= Flash capable, T= Tripod/Cable capable


Outex optical lenses are made of the highest grade materials for professional results and no image loss.  You just match you lens' filter thread size to the Outex optical lens.  The patented design accommodates most makes and model lenses, from 52 mm to 86 mm, and Outex can also accommodate step up rings.  We use glass (not plastic or acrylic).  Select all the ones you need for your lens arsenal. 


Similar to the optical lenses, the viewfinder lenses are custom made to fit most camera makes & models.  In conjunction with the rest of the Outex system, it gives you access and control to your viewfiner, LCD, knobs, dials, and buttons as needed.  Our viewfinders can be viewfinder-only or viewfinder+LCD access.  It's your choice. The automated shop preselect the LCD viewfinder, but you can manually change it as needed.  The LCD viewfinder uses LCD-capable covers, and the automated shop facilitates all of those choices in easy steps.


We offer a growing number of photography and cinematography options to meet your professional needs.  Those include flash, tripod adaptors, battery grip, cable connections, tethering, etc.  After selecting the right Outex system for your camera equipment in our automated shop, you can augment your repertoire with a host of Outex options that enable such capabilities.  You can also add them manually, or send us your questions.


Outex accessories work independent of your Outex system or kit and serve multiple purposes.  For example, the Strap holder is both anchoring point for the cover and carrying solutions such as neck, wrist, or tripod straps.  This modularity is an advantage in itself, so you can use them interchangeably.