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Outex underwater camera mirrorless

Mirrorless View Finder

The Mirrorless view finder (LEFT) is ideal for compact and/or mirrorless cameras.  It attaches to the tripod mount on your camera as an option to the LCD viewfinder and corresponding viewfinder adaptor. The Mirrorless viewfinder works with both dSLR cameras and Mirrorless cameras. The regular viewfinder adaptor attaches to your camera’s native view finder eyepiece (RIGHT) thru the adaptor and only works with your dSLR.

Outex underwater camera standard

Outex underwater camera plug without slit

Plug with Slit on Data Kits

All of the data kits come standard with one plug with slit (LEFT). We recommend additional plugs be ordered in the event of loss or wear. Plugs with a slit can also/still be used to seal your cover’s data opening when not using a cable through it. The plug without a slit can not be used with a cable (RIGHT). If you think you’ll often use your kit without a cable, we suggest you get a regular cover as a spare. It greatly facilitates use.

Outex underwater camera plug with slit



Dome vs. Flat or Regular Lenses

Dome lenses are more expensive because the require additional materials and manufacturing process than regular or flat lenses.  But they are superior for split-level photography, as they improve refraction and increase focal point distancing and virtual image attributes for split-level work.  Domes are fine to be used above or below water, but the difference is not as pronounced.  Dome ports work with both fisheye or regular lenses thru Outex’s modular adaptors and brackets.  And we offer an automated drop down menu of all of the lenses we support inside our store here.  Contact us if you still need help.


Outex underwater camera tripod adaptor

Tripod Adaptor

The tripod strap holder (LEFT) replaces the strap holder such that it allows you to connect your neck or wrist straps to your camera’s tripod mount. You will also need the tripod adaptor (RIGHT) for it to mount correctly. The tripod adaptor threads into your camera body and seals your Outex cover’s “T” opening.

Outex underwater camera tripod adaptor

Outex underwater camera housing wrist strap

Wrist Strap

The Outex wrist strap (LEFT) is a great addition to the neck strap (RIGHT). The neck strap comes with the kits. The wrist strap works with existing strap holders. Users can quickly change between wrist straps and neck straps with the quick release clips.

Outex underwater camera neck strap

Outex underwater camera housing with flatport lens

Flatport Lens

The Flatport lens (LEFT) is an alternative to our standard lens. The Flatport lens has a flat exterior edge to avoid water beading and possible buildup from other elements, which helps prevent autofocus problems. Please note, our standard lens (RIGHT) contains an external filter thread (77mm on 52-72 optical lenses, and 89mm on 77mm and above) for other camera filters and adaptors you may need to attach. This external thread is NOT included on the Flatport lens.

flatport lens on Outex - without flatport

Outex Optical Lens Size

Optical Lens Size

The Outex optical lens size matches your receiving lens’ thread size – not your zoom.  It is the same diameter as your lens cap in millimeters. This thread is used for many adaptors such as filters, magnifiers, and the Outex optical lens. The images on the left and right will help you identify what your lens filter size is.  Contact us if you have questions.  If you do not see your size listed on our shop, you may need a step-up ring that will with our 52mm size.  We sell them as well.

Filter Thread Size

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For more information about Outex waterproof cases and underwater camera housings, please visit our installation or online Kit builder pages.

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Outex is a water, wind, sand, snow, mud, rain, paint and underwater camera housing designed to seal SLR equipment from the elements that harm your camera. Our patented seal design and modular product line allows malleability, flexibility, light weight and easy installation.

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