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Kickstarter: DSLR Cameras anywhere

SLR cameras in any environment, even underwater for stills & video, maintaining functional controls, flash, tripod, tethering, etc.

Outex: We’ve Got You Covered

WHAT: SLR cameras anywhere. Outex hermetically seals SLR cameras from the elements, even underwater (tested to 10 meters/33 feet), maintaining photo integrity (quality optics) and complete control over camera functionality. It’s malleable, small in size, lightweight, and modular in its design – grows with your needs. This specific Kickstarter project is for the “Big O”, the big Outex LCD viewfinder window, which is new. The Outex system is already available at

HOW: Works like a drysuit for your equipment. The patented Outex design aligns optics, housings, and accessories modularly. The rugged, flexible, molded housing accommodates all major camera equipment brands while maintaining tactile feel and feedback for all functional controls. Highest-quality optical components match to industry standards (filter thread size and viewfinders) and can be interchanged within our system and over time, so you can use the same optics and housing with different cameras and lenses. And our optional accessories extend modular functionality to different environmental conditions, with and without the housings. The Outex system supports flash and wireless controls, triggers, pocket wizards, tripods, grips, etc. and the housings come in different sizes to match compact bodies like Sony’s NEX cameras and larger bodies like Canon’s 1D or Nikon’s D4 series cameras.

WHY: Competitive alternatives are inferior or costly. My cousin Roberto Miglioli and I share a love of photography. We are both outdoorsmen. And while we enjoy the benefits of point & shoot or GoPro cameras, they do not offer the same imaging quality, resources, or control, when compared to an SLR. Solutions today fall into 2 categories; bags or cases. The bags are cheap and clumsy, and so are the results. Hard cases yield good photos results, but are big, bulky, and heavy, so impractical for transport. And they start around $1,400. So one is difficult to carry, and I don’t want to carry the other. Roberto came up with the original idea and used his mechanical engineering skills to develop prototypes we could use ourselves. Photographers (real ones) saw it, and had to have it. Outex was born.


We’ve spent our time so far developing and perfecting the product concept, and evolving extensions that accommodate market-specific still photography needs like surfing, kayaking, remote control helicopter, tripod mounting, pool shoots, wedding, military, etc. We originally planned to develop a separate camcorder lineup focused on video, but quickly realized we’re better served by an SLR video solution since so much video capture has migrated to SLR cameras instead. The “Big O” is that solution! The video/LCD viewfinder serves both still and video markets, adheres to the modularity of our Outex system, and increases functionality and use. Your help will fund tooling, manufacture testing, and production. By supporting our project you’ll be first in line to get the new “big O” LCD viewfinder and get special pricing on other products. You’ll be able to add a dimension to your portfolio, take it on your next photo shoot, adventure, trip, or vacation.

Enjoy it. Please tell your friends. And thank you for the support!


There are too many notable customer to list. Below is a sampling that includes accolade-winning photographers from National Geographic, Red Bull, Outside Magazine, VOGUE, Illume Award Winners, and the multitude of categories mentioned: Cameron Martindell, Corey Rich, Chris Cameron, Chris Burkard, Sarah Lee, Camilla Stoddard, Ale Socci, Murilo Mattos, Jordan Manley, Cristian Sasse, Amaury Simoes, Garrett Grove, Adam DeWolfe, Jon Nash, Matt Catalano, Theo Ribeiro, Nils Nilsen, Tim McKenna, Nick Muzick, Julian Kegel, Tim Kemple, Cristiano Burmester, Michael Stokes, Anton Lorimer, Alan Eldridge III, Nicolas Teichrob, Anothony Bonello, Shawn Parkin, Chris Cameron, Blake Crosby, and many more.


This time-lapse video shows one of the more elaborate Outex installation proceedures on a camera + grip + flash. The “big O” would increase the visibility of not only the viewfinder, but the camera’s LCD, so you can use it for both video and still shoots. The standard Outex covers are simpler to install, but work similarly.

People often ask about being able to use their cameras with the cover since it’s not transparent (Transparency would sacrifice ruggedness & durability) and the analogy I use is driving at night. Most people don’t look at the buttons or zoom controls when operating their camera (like they don’t look at the stick shift or pedals in a car). All they need is sensory feedback and what’s in the LCD/viewfinder.

Please check the FAQs at the bottom of the page if you need additional information. And feel free to email me if it’s not clear or sufficient. Thanks again for the positive feedback so far – feel free to keep that coming too.

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Outex is a water, wind, sand, snow, mud, rain, paint and underwater camera housing designed to seal SLR equipment from the elements that harm your camera. Our patented seal design and modular product line allows malleability, flexibility, light weight and easy installation.

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