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Underwater Camera Case Installation

Underwater camera housings from Outex are built for virtually any situation and every dSLR camera configuration. The videos below will help you understand the installation process, along with the modular family of waterproof camera products we offer. If you’re having problems deciding what exactly you need, you can quickly build your kit on our store.

New to Outex?

Watch this overview video to learn more about the endless possibilities of our DSLR underwater camera case. This short overview of the Outex system answers basic product, kit, and selection questions. Be sure to watch more videos below or check other pages like “FAQs” or Image Galleries if you still have questions.

Basic Installation

Watch the basic installation video to learn how to install Outex housings, optics, and LCD viewfinder. This is critical viewing for first time users and will ensure you are correctly applying the Outex system to protect your equipment. It covers basics of installation, testing the seal, and initial use.

LCD Viewfinder Installation

Overview of Outex LCD viewfinder and how it works with cameras and other parts of the Outex system. The LCD viewfinder expands the capabilities and flexibility of the Outex system by enabling greater compatibility with camera brands, makes, models, and by increasing access to the camera’s LCD screen and associated functions.

Flash Installation

You have several choices for using the flash with the Outex system. The Outex covers enable you to use both hot-shoe or triggering systems in conjunction with flash use. The covers do not interfere with the signals. Because wifi, IR, RF, and other trigger protocols do not work underwater, we also offer attached and detached flash options. This video shows the attached/hot shoe flash installation, which is the easiest to install & operate. For a detached flash use & installation, please see our Cable Adaptor video below.

Tripod Adaptor Installation

Installing and using the tripod adaptor with the Outex system maintains all of the properties of any other Outex underwater camera case. The Outex tripod adaptor simply extends the tripod (female) opening on the bottom of your camera outside the Outex cover. You can use it with regular tripods or other mounts you would use with just your camera.

Cable Adaptor Installation

The Outex cable adaptors and tripod adaptors share the same diameter dimensions, and therefore can be used interchangeable with the Outex waterproof covers that have multiple openings. The cable adaptor can be used for lighting, power or data transfer cables in conjunction with your Outex kit. Additionally, they maintain the waterproof properties of our product. Using the cable adaptors is not as simple or quick as using other components, so budget your prep time accordingly. You can still use the cable adaptors without a cable going thru when you don’t need them. We do not provide the cables themselves.

Dome Port Lens Installation

Outex already supports major camera and lens brands in the market by matching their filter thread diameter size.  But many of the popular fisheye lenses in the market do not provide such threading options, and such lenses had been excluded to date.  The new, patented Dome Lens Outex products consist of domed ports, mount adaptors and brackets that support all popular fisheye lenses in the market.  The Dome Lens Outex products are backwards compatible with existing Outex Covers, so new and current customers alike can benefit incrementally and modularly.  For additional questions, check the “FAQs” page or contact us.

Mirrorless Kit Installation

The mirrorless (MR) kit  extends Outex functionality to compact, bridge, and mirror less cameras in an easier, dedicated fashion.  Examples include  EOS M­, Coolpix, Sony NEX, RX, Panasonic (Lumix, etc.), Fuji X line, Black Magic Cameras, Leica, etc.  The MR kits fixate a custom-made LCD viewfinder to the body of the camera using the camera’s tripod mount.  The user controls the exact location in relation to the camera’s LCD screen and controls control functions. The MR kit is only compatible with Covers 80L and below (smaller).  Our automated store will guide you.  For additional questions, check the “FAQs” page or contact us.

Additional Resources

Mandatory Water Test

Outex products are a great way to protect your gear in the water, rain, dust, mud, sand, dirt and just about anything else you can think of. For the instances when you need the system to be completely waterproof, you’ll need to conduct a water test in a controlled environment such as a bucket or sink. This is the final step to ensure all the openings are properly sealed and ther is no user error.

LCD Strap and Wrist Installation

The holders and other straps provide a restored anchoring point and also serve additional functions that are specifically suited for adverse environmental conditions. This short video shows you how to install the Strap Holder and modularly exchange the wrist strap.


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Outex is a water, wind, sand, snow, mud, rain, paint and underwater camera housing designed to seal SLR equipment from the elements that harm your camera. Our patented seal design and modular product line allows malleability, flexibility, light weight and easy installation.

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