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In 2010 Norm Hann paddled the 400km proposed tanker route. In 2012, Norm will paddle 350kms along the East Coast of Haida Gwaii from Old Masset in the north and finishing at SGang Gwaay, a UNESCO World Heritage site at the southern tip. With support from First Nations communities the crew will spend 3 weeks paddling and sailing this pristine part of the world to document what is at stake. They took OUTEX with them. Here are some of the early shots.

Haida Gwaii, “Islands of the People,” are a remote and rugged archipelago located on the edge of the continental shelf off the northern coast of British Columbia. Known as the “Galapagos of the North,” due to it’s diverse flora and fauna these islands of great spirit, beauty and power have been home to the Haida since time immemorial. Here the Haida have carved out their existence from the riches of the forest, the intertidal seashore and the ocean. Their deep culture, traditions and artwork reflects their immense connection the lands, rivers and marine areas. These mist-draped islands contain a natural mystique built by tumultuous weather, ocean bounty, mossy forests and unexpected biodiversity.

Depart June 5th:

  • Day 1: Old Masset to Tow Hill – 30k
  • Day 2: Hoya Gundla to Tow Hill- 30k
  • Day 3: Tlell to Hoyagundla- 45k
  • Day 4: Skidegate to Tlell-32k
  • Day 5: Skedans to Skidegate- 40k
  • Day 6: Watchman Site #3 Windy Bay to Watchman site #4 Tanu- 15k, Tanu to Watchman Site #5 Skedans- 20k
  • Day 7: Ikeda to Burnaby Narrows-40k, Watchman Site #2 Hotsprings Island to Watchman Site #3 Windy Bay- 12 km
  • Day 8: Rose Harbour to Ikeda- 23km
  • Day 9: Watchman Site #1 Sgang Gwaii to Rose Harbour- 15 km

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