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Chris Burkard, Outex and Kamchatka, Russia

This past August Chris Burkard, Cyrus Sutton, Dane Gudauskas, Trevor Grodon, and Keith Malloy set out to explore Kamchatka Peninsula in eastern Russia. For two weeks they camped out, looking for waves, and fly fished. After the second World War, the Russian Government limited all travel, including Russian citizens, to this remote area, making the Peninsula one of the most remote and undeveloped places in the world. Since opening up in 1990, limited development has affected the area, but swell forecasting cannot dictate a trip to Kamchatka – like most surf trips these days – because of the difficult travel plans required to visit. The Peninsula boasts the most active volcano chain, one-third of the Pacific salmon and the largest population of brown bears in the world.

Chris is often at the forefront, and Outex was no exception. He discovered it early, and started trying out the product for various uses in and around water. Because of its size and weight, Outex makes for an easy travel companion. Here’s Chris above holding an Outex-protected camera.

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Outex is a water, wind, sand, snow, mud, rain, paint and underwater camera housing designed to seal SLR equipment from the elements that harm your camera. Our patented seal design and modular product line allows malleability, flexibility, light weight and easy installation.

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