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DSLR Camera Cover Maker Outex Adds Three New Products To Its Underwater-Housing Line.

April 22, 2014 – Burbank, CA: The makers of the all-purpose and waterproof DSLR camera covers Outex announced today the launch of three new products to their lineup; an Outex solution dedicated to compact mirrorless cameras, domed ports for fisheye lenses, and a family of pistol-grip capable covers. The growth and innovation of the new products stem from active and ongoing collaboration with engaged, award-winning photography and cinematography customers around the world. The products are available for pre-order on the company’s redesigned website;

“Enthusiasts and high-end professionals alike have embraced the benefits of Outex, and we will continue to channel their feedback directly into our product development prioritization and roadmap” says Outex co-founder JR deSouza. “These new products broaden the appeal to a larger audience, and increase capabilities for our customers to shoot in any condition: wind, rain, snow, mud, or even underwater four less than four hundred dollars.”

Advantages of the Outex products:

  • Lightweight and compact size for ease of transport, year-round access.
  • Maintains full use of camera buttons and controls, including zoom.
  • Modular design of interoperable parts that can be added as needed
  • Professional grade materials and glass for the best results
  • Compatibility with multiple brands, makes, models, flash, power, data, wireless triggers, and other industry standards.
  • Overall value due to cost, compatibility, modularity, and upgradeability.

Outex DSLR Product’s Success Brings It Expanded Distribution with South Africa Agreement.

Los Angeles, CA – After exceeding its Kickstarter project goal by 4 times (422%) and successfully completing delivery to its backers, the Outex brand of all-weather DSLR housings continues to expand its reach. Lucare Corp, makers of Outex, began accepting pre-orders for their LCD-based products after delivering the first shipments to its Kickstarter backers in July, and sales have continued to grow.

“We were pleasantly surprised with the level of enthusiasm for the LCD products” said Roberto Miglioli, one of the company’s founders. “These new products broaden our market share by making Outex more compatible with brands and models, and by increasing the capabilities of its use in the field by cinematographers and photographers alike.”

“It’s rewarding to see the fruits of our labor manifesting themselves in many positive ways” added JR deSouza, the other co-founder of the brand. “It’s gratifying to see the caliber of the work our customers are generating with our product. And they’re happy that it’s enabling them to push the boundaries of what’s possible. In the age of e-mail, we’ve received actual, paper thank-you cards.”

Lucare has struck an agreement with Cairnside Distributors, a South African distributor that will represent and resell Outex products in the country. Patrick Benade heads up the company and will be driving a number of sales and marketing efforts in a country known for its great terrains and picturesque landscapes.

“Cairnside is excited about bringing Outex to South Africa”, said Patrick. “We’re seeing tremendous demand for it in light of our climate, geography, and outdoor culture. South Africans are adventurous by nature. We have an enthusiastic photographic community who is passionate about the outdoors and often finds itself in situations with dust, mud, surf and sand that can have dire consequences for their DSLRs. Outex will enable enthusiasts and professionals alike to get closer to the action without putting their equipment at risk. Outex adds a dimension to photography and video that we’ve not had before, with a portable, practical solution that’s also affordable”.


DSLR Weather and Waterproof Camera Cover Outex® Launches LCD Viewfinder Window “The Big -O®” to Product Line.

Expands use of OUTEX DSLR products for video and extreme use in all environmental conditions.

July 1, 2013 – Los Angeles, CA: After much anticipation, Outex began shipping its new Waterproof Camera Cover LCD viewfinder product on Friday. Also known as the “Big O”, the new product adds LCD screen viewing to Outex’s existing line of weather and water proofing DSLR products while maintaining full operational access to the camera’s controls. Major advantages of Outex’s patented design includes tactile feel of all your camera’s features and functions; including zoom, shutter, viewfinder, flash and now LCD accessibility. This is a huge advantage for photographers who are in rain, show, mud, sand and water. The new product’s anticipation started building since it’s Kickstarter project that launched in March funded in less than 6 days and exceeded its goal by 4 times (422%).

“We are glad to see this amount of enthusiasm from our consumers who shoot in these conditions.” said Roberto Miglioli, one of the company’s founders. “The LCD viewfinder goal is to broaden our market further for cinematographers and extreme photographers for about any weather condition.” added J.R. deSouza, the company’s other founder. “With Outex’s LCD viewfinder we grant users not only greater access for still photography but also fuller functionality for the video market. This gives users a more versatile and affordable product for nearly any condition of shooting.”

First shipments of the product go to Kickstarter backers from across the globe. However, starting this week, anyone can begin placing orders online for the product , which ships this August. Customer who cannot wait that long to use Outex, can continue to purchase existing products for immediate delivery. All products are available on the company’s website at


Kickstarter Project Exceeds Goal In Less Than One Week

New OUTEX product adds video support to its outdoor and underwater SLR camera accessories line up.

Los Angeles, CA: Outex has grown its professional photographer fan base across multiple continents over the last 2 years. SLR video demand has been high and Outex ignited a flurry of interest and excitement this week when it introduced its video solution for all major SLR camera brands.

“We’ve been working with award-winning photographers from National Geographic, Red Bull, Outdoor and Surf magazines, as well as members of the US armed forces,” said JR deSouza, one of the company’s founders, “but demand for video has been high, and the new Outex LCD/Video viewfinder matches the seamless transition between still and video capabilities of today’s cameras.”

Outex is being adopted by outdoor and adventure photographers for a host of applications; surfing, wedding, military, kayaking, camping, climbing, fashion, swimming, etc. Outex products are ideal for outside photography, because they completely isolate exterior elements from the camera, while maintaining operational control and maximizing tactile feedback. Because Outex is lightweight and compact, it can accompany the photographer year round anywhere the camera goes tucked in a case pocket, and installed when needed in minutes.

Outex users include award-winning photographers from National Geographic, Red Bull, Outside Magazine, VOGUE, Illume Award Winners, and members of the military.

Outex announced it’s video product through a Kickstarter project at, and blew past it’s goal in less than one week’s time. The project is scheduled to conclude at the end of March.


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