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Outside Magazine reviews the waterproof camera housing

These days, it’s not an adventure unless you capture it on camera. And while photos and videos from your iPhone are good ways to start, if you’re looking to elevate your game, you’re going to need to upgrade your gear.

To get the big shots in extreme environments with your DSLR, look no further than the Outex waterproof housing system ($499). The Outex camera cover is made from a supple waterproof material that lets you access the camera’s buttons, switches, zoom and focus rings. Large viewfinders let you look into the eyecup and see the LCD screen. Outex covers work with tripods, external wiring, fisheye lenses, and mounted flashes.


Framed Network and Jeff Dotson using Outex

Behind the scenes from recently shot footage for Framed Show of Framed Network.


Sarah Lee – Capturing What You Can’t Control

Underwater photographer Sarah Lee ( loves the unpredictability of nature and creates art that captures the interplay of people, water, and light. Unlike other forms of photography, where pixels are painstakingly crafted, Sarah embraces what she can’t control and uses her photography to find beauty in the chaos.


Cabo Review by Andy Giraud


Lucia Griggi Images cover the globe

Lucia Griggi’s father is from Venice, Italy, and her mother is from London England, which perhaps explains her Marco Polo inspiration to trek around the globe capturing beautiful images along the way. She started her career as a surf photographer, but has transcended her search to paths both near and far from the beach, pursuing her passion of travel and understanding. In under a decade, Griggi has become a leader, and her work respected and followed by many in the industry.
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Underwater Rugby – Extreme Adventure Protection!

First look by Pete Leong of Fotoshisa using Outex to capture some Rock Rugby on the beach.


Have Kayaks, Will Travel.

Up until now, most of the photos we took on the water in dynamic conditions were shot with small waterproof cameras like the Nikon coolpix aw110. It’s a very good camera, but it simply doesn’t provide the features and photo quality of the the DSLRs we use on land (and, occasionally, on the water in calmer conditions). Early this summer we learned about a new product that allows us to use our DSLR on the water without worrying about it or the lenses getting damp. The Outex system is comprised of a soft latex camera cover, optical glass lens, and a viewfinder or LCD screen lens. The camera cover is sized to fit specific cameras and a range of lenses. You then choose an Outex optical lens that fits the diameter of your lens and screws into the filter threads. The latex cover fits over this and is sandwiched by a washer and threaded ring that fit over the optical lens.


Green Pixel in Hawaii

Chico, CA kayaker Ben Stookesberry, photographed by Green Pixe Ale Socci, Chris Korbulic, AleSocci/GreenPixel — in Hawaii.


Caving with Anton Lorimer and Sarah Lee in Hawaii

Anton Lorimer, of San Francisco’s Lorimerworks, during a shoot in Hawaii. Anton Lorimer is an award winning cinematographer and speaker residing in the San Francisco Bay Area. Lorimerwork’s unique style takes advantage of film’s dynamic nature by incorporating movement in all aspects of our production.There is always a sense of movement and pace in his projects to enhance the story. Anton has worked with other renowned photography heavyweights like Jasmine Star, Smug Mug, Stephanie Reeder, Sarah Lee, and many others. Here’s Anton during a recent visit to Hawaii, as photographed by Sarah Lee herself.

You can see more of Anton Lorimer’s work at


Sarah Lee getting busy with Outex in Hawaii

Sarah Lee is incessantly glued to camera viewfinders, dafins, and the sea. Her aim in making photos is to capture and accentuate the beauty in the surroundings. She believes photography is a mode of visual problem solving and a way to perpetuate the stoke, whether it be above the surface or below. Sarah travels the world pefecting her craft, and is currently based in Hawaii. Here she is getting wet with OUTEX at a local break.

Sarah’s work has earned her a large following, and she’s a leading lady in outdoor, adventure, and surf photography. Sarah has received her share of awards and been featured in multiple publications.


Green Pixel Adventure Photography

“Outex is 90%+ responsible for my best shots involving water.”

Ale Socci, of Green Pixel Adventure Photography

I’ve been passionate about outdoor photography for as long as I can remember. My partner and I run Green Pixel, a photo agency that specializes in adventure sport photography. We have 10 photographers covering events around the world; kayaking, paddle-boarding, rappelling, 4-wheeling, paint-ball, and many more. These activities keep our staff busy – and dirty.


Chris Burkard, Outex and Kamchatka, Russia

This past August Chris Burkard, Cyrus Sutton, Dane Gudauskas, Trevor Grodon, and Keith Malloy set out to explore Kamchatka Peninsula in eastern Russia. For two weeks they camped out, looking for waves, and fly fished. After the second World War, the Russian Government limited all travel, including Russian citizens, to this remote area, making the Peninsula one of the most remote and undeveloped places in the world. Since opening up in 1990, limited development has affected the area, but swell forecasting cannot dictate a trip to Kamchatka – like most surf trips these days – because of the difficult travel plans required to visit. The Peninsula boasts the most active volcano chain, one-third of the Pacific salmon and the largest population of brown bears in the world.


Aboard the Team New Zealand AC72

I don’t mind getting wet for a good picture, but I hate getting salt water on my expensive camera gear.

Pro series Nikon digital cameras and lenses do have amazing weather resistant seals but I doubt they were designed to sit in what amounts to a horizontal salt water waterfall which is what you can get on board a fast moving yacht.

I have been trying out a camera waterproofing product called Outex.

The Outex system is based around a latex camera condom with glass ports for the lens and viewfinder.

Once enclosed the camera can be pretty much used as normal, under water to a depth of 10 Metres.

You have to remember where your buttons are and you can’t review the images on the LCD screen of couse but it does allow you to hold and operate the camera as you are used to.


WIRED Magazine; Into The Wild Without Worry – Adventure Gear for your DSLR

Underwater and water-sport photography needn’t be so daunting. Outex makes a range of fully waterproof molded latex covers for DSLRs ($250-400, depending on the model) with glass lens ports to maintain the best possible image quality while photographing in sopping wet environments.

I used an Outex setup for a canyoning adventure where I followed a creek down a narrow canyon. To give you an idea of how wet this trip was, I was wearing a lifejacket, a helmet, and a full-length, hooded 5mm wetsuit. The day included sliding down slick rocks rappelling down waterfalls and, where the pools were deep enough, jumping off 35-foot high waterfalls. I was taking pictures the whole time and holding my camera to my chest as I made the big jumps.


Off Yonder and Elevation Magazine

Cameron L. Martindell is a freelance adventure and expedition writer and photographer who is always “Off Yonder: Seeing the world for what it is.” In addition to writing his own popular blog (, he is a Senior Editor for Elevation Outdoors Magazine ( and he has written, photographed and/or worked for National Geographic, Australian Geographic,, Great Outdoors, UK Travel Mag, Trekker Magazine(Germany) and others. He has been to all seven continents and lived on five of them, including a four-month stint at the South Pole. Cameron has more than 15 years of mountain search and rescue experience, is an Eagle Scout, has been an Australian bush firefighter, competes in sailing regattas, plans national and international youth programs, guides Oregon rafting trips and Australian bush backpacking trips, the list goes on . . . really.



In 2010 Norm Hann paddled the 400km proposed tanker route. In 2012, Norm will paddle 350kms along the East Coast of Haida Gwaii from Old Masset in the north and finishing at SGang Gwaay, a UNESCO World Heritage site at the southern tip. With support from First Nations communities the crew will spend 3 weeks paddling and sailing this pristine part of the world to document what is at stake. They took OUTEX with them. Here are some of the early shots.


Tim McKenna

Leading figure in action sport photography, Tim McKenna has become recognised as one of the best outdoor photographers in the world, inspiring his generation by revealing the sheer beauty of the elements through images capturing the most spectacular sporting performances in extraordinary settings.

His work, has appeared in countless publications and advertising campaigns, product of twenty years of travel across the globe, often pioneering new destinations.


Ale Socci’s work featured on Outside Magazine

Ale Socci – Has helped establish Green Pixel as one of the leading photography teams in the world, coving all adventure sports and activities.

Check out some of his work at Green Pixel;

“There are some places with mysterious associations and almost mythical character; Norway is one of those places to me. Endless sunlight, cliff-lined fjords, lightning blue rivers flowing from glaciers into the sea, it’s easy to see why. Since I started kayaking I have seen and heard about this Scandinavian kayaking oasis and its unbelievable rivers, but I never thought I would get to paddle here.” —Kayaker Chris Korbulic, Born Out There


Jon Nash in Action with Outex

How about this awesome shot of Jon Nash using Outex this past week? Thank for sharing Jon. Glad to see our product put to such great use! Keep up the good work.


Rapid Magazine Review

Mud, dirt, sand and water don’t stand a chance against this tough SLR protection system. Compatible with dozens of cameras, the Outex uses professional grade optics, a cover that maintains tactile feel and an excellent viewfinder to completely envelop your camera with a submersible, watertight seal. It eliminates the need for bulky hard cases or flimsy bags so your cameras’ ready when the moment strikes. A variety of accessories let you build a setup that gets you close to the action while protecting your investment.


California Surf Project

Chris Burkard; from Pismo Beach, California. I have served as a freelance photographer for various publications and a staff photographer for Surfer magazine and Recent Projects: Trips with Surfer Magazine to India & Mexico. Trips with Patagonia to Nicaragua, Japan, and to Tahiti for Keith Malloy’s Bodysurf film Come Hell or High Water. Awards include; LOOK Between Festival, Follow the Light Foundation, California Surf Project, Red Bull illume Project.


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Outex is a water, wind, sand, snow, mud, rain, paint and underwater camera housing designed to seal SLR equipment from the elements that harm your camera. Our patented seal design and modular product line allows malleability, flexibility, light weight and easy installation.

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