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Cabo Review by Andy Giraud


Underwater Rugby – Extreme Adventure Protection!

First look by Pete Leong of Fotoshisa using Outex to capture some Rock Rugby on the beach.


Shooting with Outex in Afghanistan

In military situations the environment is often unpredictable. As a Soldier, I want reliable results from the equipment I know and trust. In Afghanistan, conditions were harsh on all of my camera equipment, but ruggedness is just as important as size and weight. I needed to travel light and be quick on my feet. I used OUTEX to protect my Nikon D-40, keeping out sand and dust without incident.


WIRED Magazine; Into The Wild Without Worry – Adventure Gear for your DSLR

Underwater and water-sport photography needn’t be so daunting. Outex makes a range of fully waterproof molded latex covers for DSLRs ($250-400, depending on the model) with glass lens ports to maintain the best possible image quality while photographing in sopping wet environments.

I used an Outex setup for a canyoning adventure where I followed a creek down a narrow canyon. To give you an idea of how wet this trip was, I was wearing a lifejacket, a helmet, and a full-length, hooded 5mm wetsuit. The day included sliding down slick rocks rappelling down waterfalls and, where the pools were deep enough, jumping off 35-foot high waterfalls. I was taking pictures the whole time and holding my camera to my chest as I made the big jumps.


California Surf Project

Chris Burkard; from Pismo Beach, California. I have served as a freelance photographer for various publications and a staff photographer for Surfer magazine and Recent Projects: Trips with Surfer Magazine to India & Mexico. Trips with Patagonia to Nicaragua, Japan, and to Tahiti for Keith Malloy’s Bodysurf film Come Hell or High Water. Awards include; LOOK Between Festival, Follow the Light Foundation, California Surf Project, Red Bull illume Project.


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Outex is a water, wind, sand, snow, mud, rain, paint and underwater camera housing designed to seal SLR equipment from the elements that harm your camera. Our patented seal design and modular product line allows malleability, flexibility, light weight and easy installation.

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