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Aged 16 all Jon Nash knew was that he wanted to become a professional photographer. Armed with nothing more than a camera he started out his photographic journey learning the basic tools of the trade assisting studio photographers.

A year later and full of bravado Jon Nash headed off to South Africa to record and capture the horrors of a nation repressed by apartheid. Caught up in a troubled country Jon Nash was thrown into the deep end early in his career and here learnt the importance of shooting quickly and under pressure to deliver raw emotion.

Following the rigors of his African experience Jon elected to spend a year living a more sedate life and worked onboard a cruise ship as the ship’s photographer in the Caribbean. It was here that he was introduced to the world of ocean yacht racing when he was presented with the opportunity to crew a boat back to England. Without hesitation he jumped ship from the cruise liner into a career that enabled him to travel the world on a quest to deliver a range of perfect sailing and adventure shots.


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Outex is a water, wind, sand, snow, mud, rain, paint and underwater camera housing designed to seal SLR equipment from the elements that harm your camera. Our patented seal design and modular product line allows malleability, flexibility, light weight and easy installation.

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